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Welcome to Santé Vie!

"Sound nutrition is the cornerstone for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. At Santè Vie Nutrition, we use an integrative approach to support you in your quest for improved health, increased athletic performance and a healthier relationship with food. Our goal is to help you feel renewed, reinvigorated and stronger than ever before so you can get back to living your life."

What you put in your body will help determine:

  • Your body weight
  • How your cells function and produce energy
  • The ability for your tissues to heal after surgery or injury
  • How your brain chemistry operates and subsequently affects your mood, sleep
    and behavior
  • What illnesses you will develop and how quickly you recover
  • Your ability to recognize and fight cancer cells
  • How your genes are expressed
  • Your ability to excrete toxins
  • Inflammation (the beginning of disease and degeneration)

P.O. Box 18834, Boulder, CO 80308, t: 303.885.1763, f: 866.412.0837,